Be Ebonics Real-Dog?: Food for Thought

Is Ebonics a language? 

According to Rickford it is.  Ebonics is just like a language in that it has a structure, grammar and vocal inflexions that all have particular meanings and rules of usage.  Ebonics is a newly formed and widely spreading language that often is mixed into English and other languages and self-expressions for cultural and language communication.  Ebonics and its roots seem more uncertain, since it is a language that has been formed over many years and now, like in Oakland California considered a foreign language. 


 Simply because Ebonics’ sounds “unintelligent” to English speaking people does not mean it is a lazy or uneducated form of communication, only different and foreign to people with such rigid minds and cultural insensitive. 

Rickford and Oakland education progarms have worked to help inform others of the language value of Ebonics, while others state how it is simply a less educated dialect of the American English language. Now, you look at some of the points on both sides and then you deside where you stand on how languages are created.  





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