California State University of Fresno is Making Anthropology Public

California State University of Fresno was been working this year to help make anthropology more public.  For the month of May CSU Fresno will being a positive addition to this web blog under the page “Anthro Public Projects” to add to their efforts to help publicize anthropology.  In addition to these student base projects CSU Fresno also has an Anthropology web newsletter that they publish once a month about the anthropology in their area and the anthro club at their college called “Culture Inscribed”.  Check out their efforts and see what California anthropology students are doing.

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  • Merrily Mccarthy  On February 15, 2009 at 2:00 am

    Thursday Class cancelled

    What a day. Thursday was! My plans to be at anthro day reception with my classmates, instructors and Dr. Marchese were delayed by unforseen family occurences. However once primary obligations were performed I arrived, said Hi, sat, said hi again to the Others and jumped into food. We had available bean and avocado dip, some chips, and some brownies and lemon cake, the latter being my favorite. Dr. Prior was present, Dr. Mullooly, Dr. LeJeunese, and Dr. Marchese. The latter was talking about ‘good times in other places,” and everyone appeared fed as well as jolly. Dr. Mullooly told us about Darwin Day and Darwins Bulldogs over at the planitarium. After our reception broke up, ( after the refreshment were bagged for another time and another planet.)

    Darwins Bulldogs were at the Planetarium celebrating Darwins Day. Delicious eats abounded, wine and lots of intelligent looking people were present, chatting importantly. I could not identify any of the living however, I did take note of the cardboard box Darwin in the corner for photos. So me and Paperman Darwin posed together.

    Then I went off to attend Dr. Marcheses Lecture in the Alice Peters Bldg on Plataiai. It was interesting that so much can be discovered underground using new technologies. The city was extensive and everyone praised all his work. He may come back next year to present a week long seminar for interested participants.

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