Paul Rabinow’s “Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco”

Ive been re-reading Rabinow of late.  I love the wikipedia on him since it changes often.

Any thoughts on the first few chapters?

A colleague, merrily mccarthy, stated the following.
Do you agree?

Ibrahim Rabinow some new ways to use language that perhaps Rabinow had not previously experienced. Perhaps the importance and subtlety of a language might be more appreciated by everyone after reading through chapter two. I would be fairly certain Ibrahim is not the only person in the world that uses language to confuse, confabulate or confound someone other than someones own native speaker. Perhaps it has more to do with ancient rituals of survival as these techniques integrate into modern society that keeps humans perpetuating devious linguistic techniques. Using language to dominate, rule or control is not a technique exclusive to the Arab Moroccan culture, anymore than it is exclusive to another culture that learns or figures out to use language for more than mere innocent simple human communication.

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  • Daniela  On November 22, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Hi, I’m a student of anthropology of the first year and I already read this book! I think that it’s a great book, but I didn’t understand the purpose of is travel to this country. I mean, why did he went there? And, one more thing, I didn’t understand what he wanted to do there, what did he wanted to conclude from his entering in the moroccan culture?

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