Everyday life

Stress, stress, and more stress, when does it stop? The today stress has become a big part of our everyday life. Well, people try to find ways to escape, many people are can feel overwhelmed with different emotions, that make it hard to concentrate. People find many ways to relieve tension, before it leads to stress. Some might use traveling, reading, walking, even painting and or watch a movie just to relieve that pressure that builds up.

Stress builds up in different ways it comes from family life and school, it filled with the pressures of a sick parent and the lack of quality time with the family. Even the busyness of college and having to finish all assignments by the deadline can be stressful, at times I feel like I’m working a second job with no pay. My job which seems to be more structured, seems to be the only part of my life we’re, “I am in control.” All of these types of factors just add to my already hectic life, whether good or bad its life and in the end, I’ll tell myself it was all worth it.

In the book Busier then ever, by Charles N. Darrah, James M. Freeman, and J.A. English-Lueck, revolved around family involvement and explores fieldwork within these families and how they deal with stress and busyness. One example of stress within the book was, “The Jackson family,” who were working on buying their first new home and found themselves stress and overwhelmed with all that concerns that are involved in buying a home.  In todays world we find ourselves competing for a better grade or even a promotion at work, and in some cases the attention of someone else. For many people this emotion is nothing new just another part of our life, for others its hell to live with. People seem to be willing to take on more responsibility and allow for more stress, they tend to reach for more opportunities to build a better life. Some people even believe that the busier you are the more important you look. Even parents seem to be reaching for the stars, or at less after school activities that can give their children a better chance at a better life. Many parents tend to sign their children up for extracurricular activities never once thinking this might be enough or does the child want to play? Regardless parents just continue to think whats best for the child is more, more, more without realizing enough is enough. Parents tend to believe that if their child is not part of the group, or team he or she might miss out on an opportunity or even a chance to be involved and meet more children who might give them that competition to push them to go further in life. Many of the extracurricular activities go into the weekends, well parents act as a chauffeur and manager trying to keep their kids busy and focused well keeping their family life intact. In the book, “Busier than ever” talks about how families focus and find a way to create the good life. Many parents stress out or get over excited, believing they are not doing enough for their children, and that they seek to find others ways to add on other activities and keep their children busy and well balanced. Parents remind themselves that the reason their children play sports is to learn self-discipline, learn conflict resolution and teach sportsmanship. At the same time whispering in their child’s ear win, win, win.

For the children this becomes overwhelming and stressful, and just more pressure to make the parents happy, well trying to balance school work and all the extracurricular actives that make this a stressful time. I think many parents forget how it was to be a kid, or how the weekends were before. The weekends were all about riding our bikes, hangout with friends or just lounging around, totally stress free. As a parent I can relate to this, and I also remember signing my kids up for everything and at times thinking, if I was doing enough for them, not realizing, I might just be adding more stress on their busy lives. As a parent, I always had a purpose for all the extracurricular activities, and that was to make sure my kids stayed busy, found their passion and focused on their life, not to mention it looks good on a college application.

by Veronica Tovar

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