Priorities are an important thing for everyone trying to make time to do everything, and especially trying to make time for families and friends. Some things may be more important than others trying to put everything together, yet we have to equal everything out. Many say that being with family is always the most important thing, but for many of us making time with family is always as important as making time with friends. Time management is something everyone has to go through every now and then trying to make time for everything and when something has to get done.

As I was reading the book “Busier than Ever” by Darrah, Suzanne was one of the persons I was able to relate to the most. Suzanne was a person who had to get what she wanted; wanting to make time with her family because for her that was the most important thing. She would have her priorities like anyone else, yet she would push aside all the things that weren’t as important to her. She would make her husband take care of the house chores because according to her, her husband was the clean freak who he would eventually take care of it. Her husband was more of the organized one and Suzanne would be the one who had a lot of things going on, yet she would always have a tight schedule. Being an organized person would get things done than actually having a lot of things to do yet not finding the time to do it.

Everyone has their own way of how they are going to organize their lives and what they think is more important that they prioritize. “To me this is simplifying because I’m choosing what I’m going to focus on. I’m choosing that family happiness is most important to me” (Suzanne pg.111). Suzanne is a hard working person who would want to make time for her family because for her that was the most important thing in her life, yet her husband Humberto said that for him the most important thing was time. Making time to be with family was the most important thing than buying something that would take your time away.

Having to make time for everything is always a tough situation and I can relate a lot to Suzanne. In ways that we are both always busy and have a lot of things going on, yet she can’t manage her time and get everything that’s on her list done. I may put things on an agenda or on a piece of paper to remind myself of all the things I have to get done, yet I tend to forget about the list because I’m going to remember to get everything done but never goes as planned. Trying to make time for everything is always stressful and more because I want to feel accomplished that I finish everything that I needed to get done. Although it seems like every time you want to get everything done in a certain amount of time is when we tend to run out of time sooner.

Darrah stated, “…that there was a value of commonness, that it’s not what you possess, it’s what you are as a person; it’s not the material things that bring you value, it’s the integrity of who you are” (Darrah, pg.112). Only we know who and what we are and the way we function, trying to make an effort to keep as organized as we can and trying to get everything done by the time we say. As Suzanne’s husband tried to make more time to spend with his family, Suzanne was always the one who didn’t manage to keep her things together; trying to reduce time to make time was always hard for her, she worked a full time job which she tried to cut hours off so she can make time for her family.

Priorities are a big thing trying to make time for everything that is important to you and making sure we get it done. Making plans and a list of all the things that need to get done is always something that everyone does, yet when it’s time to do it there is never time. There’s always going to be time to do something, yet having to actually try to make time is the hard part. Trying to get all the important things done first, but there’s always more extra things that need to get done as well, we can’t depend on someone else to get our things done, and we have to learn to manage our time and figure out how we’re going to organize our schedule. Suzanne always struggled when it came to making time for anything and her husband would always get in her case about being responsible, and he would stress out because he wanted her to learn how to manage her time better. Busyness of an everyday thing would always require to at least communicate with people who are around, to be focusing on time and activities that are going on.

Daily schedules and flexibility is always time consuming because it’s always hard to manage time if we don’t make a daily routine. Just by knowing that there are all these things that have to be done we tend to not find the right way to keep everything on track just because we want to finish. Many say that by writing down an agenda and try to organize their daily routines is a piece of cake because they have everything under control, and in many occasions that’s always a good things because everything goes how it’s planned but little do they know everything could change if something was to happen like a distraction of any kind. Having priorities and knowing how to organize our life will always come in handy; trying to make time for friends and family but also having to make time for work or school. Being able to manage our time wisely will help us along the way by not trying to get everything done in a short amount of time, but it will help us get everything done before hand.

by Jasmin Velasquez

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