The Real Gambling Addiction

We’ve all heard about gambling addictions and the problems that they cause families. But playing cards and slot machines isn’t the real gamble in life. Sometimes parents gamble on their children’s futures and they start at a young age. But what if some parents gamble against the idea of furthering their children’s future? Taking a risk that could alter a child’s life, whether it be in a negative or even the slim positive way. Well that is my life.

Sounds weird right? Why would parents that expect so much out of their child bet against furthering it? Quite the opposite from the parents in the book Busier than Ever! , written by Charles N. Darrah in the early 2000’s wrote about people who would rather have their children go through the enhancement of extracurricular activities. One example from the book is from the Smith family who decided to send their daughter to a private international school then a public school that was near their home. But even though I didn’t go through the path that would have enhanced my life does not mean that I am any different from those children that were given a different path.

I guess the best place to start is from the beginning. Just like the children in the book at a young age we are thrown into activities and school functions that can alter our lives. However, my parents took a different route by not allowing me to go to an advance school. Having that bet against your child’s education could have gone in various different ways. I could have decided there and then that my parents didn’t care about my schooling and that I could just lay back and ride through the wave of education. Or I could find a way to stay busy and continue on with enhancing my education on my own. This wasn’t the last time my parents would bet against a different future.

Sports being a big topic in a lot of children’s lives continue to be something to keep children and parents busy for many years. My personal favorite being diving, was something that began becoming part of my personality. I thrived on that sport because it was something that I loved to do on my own. I was unique and it made me feel invincible. During my second year of competition, a scout approached my mother and offered me a chance of the lifetime: to begin training for the Olympics. Even being offered that opportunity is an incredible feeling. But sad to say my mother sad no, because she believed that I needed a normal teenage life. Although I resent my mother for never talking to me about it for a long time. I have learned that she made that decision for a reason and believed that at that moment in my life that I need what I had in front of me.

Risking it all on the gambling table or at a slot machine is one thing; it is another that parents gamble on their child’s future. My parents may have bet on the side that most people would have looked at and said wow how could you do that to your child? How could you not give her the maximum opportunities to further her future? But even though my parents gambled against the ideas of enhancement they showed me that when I want something to go my way I have to work twice as hard for it. I have to become the person I want to be. I may not have gotten into that academy or gone to train for the Olympics, but I became successful in my own way. I got into school and continued my higher education at a University. I am following my dreams and slowly pursuing a career path that can only go up from here.

Would you as a parent bet against some things that some would find as life changing experiences? That is the risk factor of life, it may keep us busy and on our toes but taking a risk good or bad is the real gambling addiction.

by Devan Cruz

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