This page is to help provide easier access to online information about anthropology and topics within anthropology.  There are three sections: Anthropology Directories and Sources, Anthropology Societies and Associations, and Anthropology Articles and News.  These are to assist in research and interests within Anthropology fields and to show the diversity within this discipline.  As new sites and news are found to aid in the use of anthropologic studies or about Anthropology related work, they can be expected to be posted links as I become aware of them. 


 Any comments or suggested avenues of Anthropology that are lacking for your personal interest, Inform me and I will do what I can to improve the selections for information and continued hunger for knowledge.


Anthropology Directories and Sources Online: 

Anthropology Resources on the Internet

World directory of archaeology and anthropology web sites, 4000 relevant links to archaeology, prehistory, and anthropology resources.


Resources of Scholarly Societies – Anthropology

Links to websites of scholarly societies in Anthropology  


Anthropology Societies   


American Ethnological Society resources

Anthropology and American Indian Related Sites on the Internet.

This is another wordpress about anthropology that has been established since September 2005.


Savage Minds: notes and queries in anthropology

This is a site that is written by PhD students and professors about anthropologic topics.  And YES they are proud of the pansies on the mast head of their blog site, for good reason.  Check out what they have post, it is good stuff!


Anthropology Societies and Associations 


Society for Linguistic Anthropology Records, American Philosophical Society  


Society for Medical Anthropology

Promotes the study of anthropological aspects of health, illness, healthcare, and related topics.  


Society for American Archaeology  


Society for Applied Anthropology

Offers background information, publications, forums, and more.  


American Anthropological Association (AAA)

One of the largest professional organization of individuals interested in anthropology.  


Anthropology Articles and News 


How sushi went global (PDF)

How sushi went global byTheodore C Bestor. Foreign Policy; Nov/Dec 2000; 121; ABI/INFORM Sushi Went Global.pdf  – 3314k – View as html


The Price of Progress (PDF)  – 111k – View as html


Strings Attached

Strings Attached by Lee Cronk discusses possible cultural significances about “gifts” value when there are strings attached.


Public Anthropology

Ellington, Richard H. Using Cultural Skills for Cooperative Advantage in Japan  


AAA Statement on “Race”

AAA Executive Board on May 17, 1998, as an official statement of AAA’s position on “race”.  


Miner’s “Body Ritual among the Nacirema”

The Nacirema article from the AAA (American Anthropological Association) website and other links at the bottom of the paper.  

Science Daily News  

This site has provided me with several articles on anthropology on every sub-field.  I have several of their article posted in the spotlight article section.  This site provides full text articles, pictures and easy to understand links to other related topics on the subject you are looking for.  I think if you are looking for anthropology articles here, you might find something for you.







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