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Big Foot Society Found: Scooped By Making Anthropology Public

A Big Foot Collectivity has been found.  Local news in Fresno CA has reported on the possibility of a Big Foot sighting in the following recent broadcast:

After this announcement, the MAP Research Division dispatched a team of RAPers (this is how we refer to our  Participatory Action Researchers based on James Beebe’s  Rapid Assessment Process methodology).

We are now inviting applications to study this one of a kind opportunity.  Only one team of researchers will be allowed access to this Big Foot Collectivity, so be sure to polish you grant applications thoroughly.


Proposals must come from a historically defined theoretical school of Anthropology where you have pretended to have already studies a group of Big Foot.  What did you discover? What did you focus on? How did you come to these conclusions?  What, when, where, or how did you observe them, and why?  What is your overall understanding of their society and culture?  The questions you focus on and answers you provide should reflect the theoretical frame you represent.

Proposals must be delivered to the MAP laboratories in the form of a brief video by April 29th 2012.  We will be posting all of these video on The MAP Video Channel once the submission deadline is closed.